International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation

Paper Submission Requirements

This page describes requirements for papers submitted to and published in SemEval. For other questions about SemEval, see the FAQ.

There are two kinds of papers: system description papers, which every team participating in a task has the option to submit; and task description papers written by each set of task organizers. Papers accepted following peer review will be part of the official SemEval proceedings, and eligible for presentation at the workshop.

For your paper to be accepted and published, it must conform to the following guidelines. Contact your task organizers if you have questions about the guidelines.

Year-Specific Logistics

Dates, Submission Site

See the homepage for a detailed schedule with the submission deadline, acceptance notification date, and camera-ready submission deadline, as well as the link to the submission form.

Style Files

To write your paper, please use LaTeX style files issued by the conference SemEval is colocated with. The files contain details on the required page layout and formatting. Make sure to follow all those instructions—except the parts for which SemEval has separate requirements, specified below.


Submissions for review

NEW Team participants only submit one paper regardless of number of tasks they participated in.

System paper submissions for a single task can be up to 5 pages.

Teams participating in multiple tasks can add 2 addtional pages per task to their system paper. e.g. If they participate in 2 tasks the limit is 7 pages and if they participate in 3 tasks the limit is 9 pages. NOTE: This is a change in submission requirements from previous years.

Task description papers (written by task organizers) can be up to 9 pages.

Acknowledgments, references, and appendices do NOT count toward page limits.

Camera-ready versions

Once accepted, your final paper may have an additional page so you can address reviewer feedback. Thus: 6 pages for a single-task system, 10 pages for task descriptions (not counting acknowledgments/references/appendices).


SemEval paper titles follow a fixed template, where YYYY represents the year and N represents the task number:


At SemEval, papers are not anonymous when submitted for review (for both system description papers and task description papers). Enter your names and affiliations on the paper.


System description papers should focus on:

For a detailed outline, as well as links to some past system description papers, see these guidelines.

Task description papers should focus on:

Paper awards

Two overall awards are given to papers—one for organizers of a task and one for a team participating in a task. The awards are:

SemEval-2020 winners:

SemEval-2021 winners:

SemEval-2022 winners:

SemEval-2023 winners:

Reminders for final version